Crumpled Little Leaf

You are more special than you know. Photo by Daniel Frank.

Worthless, crumpled little leaf—
Cast off without a care;
Set upon the listless wind,
Carried here and there.
You’re not but nature’s clutter
To disgrace a pristine lawn;
The only want we give you
Is we want you good and gone!
And the Lord within the Manor
Sees you only as a chore;
He’ll have to rake and bag you
Which is irksome all the more.

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Childhood Dreams

Childhood wonder! Photo by Kat Jayne.

The old man sat quietly, wrinkled and gray;
Yet, alertly he watched the toddler play.
Then catching my eye, he beckoned to me;
And stooping, I asked what his need might be.
He said, “Age brings wisdom; but there is a cost,
Dreams get dimmer and wonder is lost;
Yet there is a place not quite as it seems—
Back in the land of my childhood dreams.

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