Christmas Needs

May we remember the true meaning of Christmas.

In your hurried holidays, do you hear the voice that pleads?
It comes from ancient ages, it tells what Christmas needs.

Christmas still needs angels who spread both light and love,
Reminding all of heaven and holiness above.

Christmas still needs shepherds who leave their earthly cares—
Making Christ and His message intimately theirs.

Christmas still needs wise men who submit their mighty will,
And in humble, quiet seeking, joyfully find Him still.

Christmas still needs stables and mangers filled with hay—
Sacred, holy places where Christ can come and stay.

Christmas still needs new stars, to light a darkened sky,
Giving weary travelers strength and hope to try.

And Christmas still needs Christ, the center of it all,
He who surely heals us when at His feet we fall.

Ahhh. . .September.  What a wonderful time of year!  A time of cooler weather, back in school, college football, harvesting crops, homemade ice cream, and……..yep, you guessed it, Christmas.  Now wait, you say, the calendar distinctly shows Christmas is in December this year.  Technically, you may be right; but Christmas is so much more than just a day or date, it is a feeling, a reflecting, and a remembrance of Christ.  And that is just what I was doing this September day. 

It was September 11, to be precise; and I was reflecting on the anniversary and tragedy of 9-11-01 when thousands of people needlessly died.  I was thinking of a world where love and peace would reign, where compassion triumphs over conflict, and forgiveness conquers hate.  I was thinking how amazing it would have been to live in the Americas after the resurrection of Christ when all were converted unto Him and lived in unity.  I thought how it will be during the millennium when the same thing happens again.  And what makes all this possible?  Christ does, and His gospel plan. 

After nearly 200 years of living in complete harmony, the scriptures tell how the Nephite society began to break apart.  The people began to forget from whence their blessings came and began to be caught up in the pride of their hearts.  The same is true today.  To avoid this disaster, we must remember daily who it is that is the Author and Finisher of our faith.  Isaiah said he would be called “Wonderful, Councilor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace” (Isa 9:6).  And now you see, that gets us back to Christmas. 

They say there would be no Christmas if it weren’t for Easter.  Likewise, there would be no Easter if there had been no Christmas.  Thankfully, there are both.  In September there is not the hurried rush of the holidays.  There are no thoughts of pine trees, packages with ribbons and bows, Santa Claus, or snow.  And I, at least in this moment, am remembering the true meanings and lessons of Christmas.  In this moment, I am remembering Christ. 

And that is what Christmas—and this weary old world—really needs.

Written: September 11, 2016

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