Remember Him

Do you remember Him? Photo replica of Thorvaldsen’s Christus

I  do always remember Him—
  At work and play, home and gym
      I do always remember Him—
Deliberate, consistent, not on a whim
        I do always remember Him—
Now and still when eyes grow dim
  I do always remember  Him—
      My heart, all pride, I strive to trim
I do always remember Him!

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Back to June

Life is an adventure–enjoy each season while it lasts!

Minutes make an hour, hours make a day;
Days make months and then a year as time goes on its way.
April has a birthday and blooming spring as well;
June is time for marriage with announcements in the mail.
A concert in the part, a folksy sort of tune—
We get that thing in August, and then we’re back to June.

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Author note: This poem was originally written two years ago. I realize that Thanksgiving was unique this year. However maybe we can use this to remember the good times past and hope for better times to come. . . .

This year the feast is at your house, and you will be the host.
You want it to be perfect, but not so you can boast;
It’s just with all the family, there will be quite a crowd
And you want serve a special meal to make the Pilgrim’s proud!

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Live Today!

Don’t wait for tomorrow, live today! Photo from Pixabay.

There’s one thing that is consistent
And that one thing is change—
When all your dreams turn upside down
And plans all rearrange.

For babies aren’t small forever
And flowers all surely fade;
Summer gives way to winter,
For time cannot be stayed.

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Childhood Dreams

Childhood wonder! Photo by Kat Jayne.

The old man sat quietly, wrinkled and gray;
Yet, alertly he watched the toddler play.
Then catching my eye, he beckoned to me;
And stooping, I asked what his need might be.
He said, “Age brings wisdom; but there is a cost,
Dreams get dimmer and wonder is lost;
Yet there is a place not quite as it seems—
Back in the land of my childhood dreams.

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