Make your life a living valentine.

February’s meant for couples—
Roses and romance,
And looks that say “I love you,”
Exchanged within a glance.
But what if I don’t fit that mold?
It doesn’t quite seem fair;
Are loneliness and heartache then,
All that I can share?
“Oh, no,” cries the wing-tipped cherub,
“Please don’t think so small.
Love’s not just for lovers;
Love is meant for all!”

Then Cupid pull that bow back,
And set your sights on me;
Let your piercing arrow
Fill my soul with charity.
Help me see the chances
That come to me each day
To lift and serve another
And help them along their way.
For as I touch another’s heart
And dwell not just on mine,
Then my life indeed becomes,
A living Valentine.

Does February 14 mean anything to you?  It just so happens that it is Valentine’s Day—a day for chocolates, hearts, romance, love, flowers, affection, and candles.  Do you know what else this date is?  It is Single Awareness Day, unofficially of course.  A description of this day would be far less romantic.  I will forgo painting a dismal mental picture.

And, yet, attitude is everything.  Being single, I knew I would have plenty of personal time that evening!  What could I do that would be positive and uplifting?  What could I do to help others that may be feeling very “aware” of their single situation?  I thought of the many widows that I know.  I imagined it would be hard for them on Valentine’s Day as they remembered their deceased spouse and the Valentine’s days of yesteryear. 

So, with the help of some single siblings, we came up with the idea to buy roses and deliver them to these widows.  It was fun to be with family delivering flowers and to see the faces of the sisters as we gave them each a rose.  There were hugs and thank yous and smiles.  It felt good to be a positive force for good.  After all, that is what love is really about.

Later that night I drove home to a dark, empty house.  Yes, I am still single and still very much aware of it. But this night, there on the front porch was a plate full of colorful, heart-shaped sugar cookies.  Someone out there in this big wide world was thinking of me!  A scripture came to mind, “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days” (Eccl 11:1).  And another, “whatsoever ye sow, that shall ye also reap; therefore, if ye sow good ye shall also reap good for your reward” (D&C 6:33).  Sometimes the blessings we seek come sooner, sometimes later, but regardless, we have the promise that they come.

I guess the wing-tipped cherub was right, love is meant for all.

Written: February 4, 2017

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