One day perhaps. . . Photo by Pixabay.

I long for a place free of anger—
Where hate does not exist.
I wish for the day when death is done
And loved ones are never missed.
I pray for sharing unity
Where gone is haughty waste;
I hope for clear direction
To heal our reckless haste.
And with things turned so ugly,
With all hope lost it seems,
Sometimes I catch a glimpse of somewhere
When I close my eyes to dreams.

Here the world is made of
A sea of endless glass.
Where seen is history, present,
And what must come to pass.
And streets are paved with brilliant gold
But ne’re is excess found—
For here there is no peasant
But all are noble crowned.
And in complete serenity,
All nature endless sings;
For love abides in every heart—
The love that virtue brings.

And worlds without number
Created by holy hands,
Pass through all eternity
By divinely appointed plans.
For even the very elements
Respond in reverent awe,
And choose to yield in gratitude
To eternal, celestial law.
And suns and moons that chase thru space
While starry skies look on,
No longer are measured by mortal minds
For time is all but gone.

And still, the One omnipotent
Who rules with holy might,
Cares about our hopes and fears
And knows our mortal plight.
It is He who wants for us to have
And live the life He lives,
But will we choose to come to Him
And accept the gift He gives?
For the prize that’s offered equally
Is gained by those who will,
For many are called but few are chosen
Is the proving condition still.

I have seen the recent violence with racist and extremist views in the United States and the subsequent political arguing back and forth.  I have read about senseless terrorist attacks and the pain inflicted.  I have heard of more school shootings, government corruption, and drug crime.  We have had significant displays of nature destroy and flood vast amount of land in Texas, Florida, the Caribbean, and Mexico, leaving thousands upon thousands in suffering and distress.  Earthquakes, volcanoes, and fires have also been added to the mix.  And these scenes play out continually around the world. 

They leave me feeling weary. 

I long for the day when such things are done away, when there is not senseless suffering, when there is not anger and hate and corruption and malice and violence and death and fear.  I long for the day when love and compassion and forgiveness and charity and peace abound in every heart.  But I am not naïve either.  I know in what time we live—a time when peace has been taken from the earth.  I know there is one who reigns with blood and horror on this earth.  I know the conditions of a fallen telestial world.

So, I pray for the Lord to hasten His work.  I wish for Christ to return and begin his millennial reign.  I long for the world to be upgraded to a terrestrial order and all the telestial dross to melt away.  And yet, whether this happens soon or late, the promise given to each of us is that if we take the Holy Spirit to be our guide, we can become sanctified regardless of what is happening in the world around us.  We can receive the promise of peace and eternal life in the world to come.  We can qualify to dwell in a place where righteousness, purity, and peace remain.  The choice really is ours, but we must choose.

And that gives me hope and something to work for—even as the world crumbles.

Written: August 25 thru Sept 3, 2017

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