Childhood Dreams

Childhood wonder! Photo by Kat Jayne.

The old man sat quietly, wrinkled and gray;
Yet, alertly he watched the toddler play.
Then catching my eye, he beckoned to me;
And stooping, I asked what his need might be.
He said, “Age brings wisdom; but there is a cost,
Dreams get dimmer and wonder is lost;
Yet there is a place not quite as it seems—
Back in the land of my childhood dreams.

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One day perhaps. . . Photo by Pixabay.

I long for a place free of anger—
Where hate does not exist.
I wish for the day when death is done
And loved ones are never missed.
I pray for sharing unity
Where gone is haughty waste;
I hope for clear direction
To heal our reckless haste.
And with things turned so ugly,
With all hope lost it seems,
Sometimes I catch a glimpse of somewhere
When I close my eyes to dreams.

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slatted wood pathway between trees

You have to start somewhere. Photo by Amanda Klamrowski

If today you have been struggling,
Tomorrow you will again—
With faith and hope, trust and love,
With doubt and fear and sin.

For life is full of opposite
And contradictory views,
And sometimes there’s confusion
On which path you should choose.

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